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My Projects

Browse through a selection of my noteworthy projects. These are the ones that have left a mark, representing my skills, experiences, and interests. While there are many smaller projects that contributed to my growth, I've highlighted these for your exploration.

Year Project Build with Link
2024 - present Virunio React Tailwind CSS https://virunio.com
2023 - present Brickoffer Web scraping Vue.js Node.js PostgreSQL https://brickoffer.de https://brickoffer.ch
2022 - present Statspixel Vue.js Node.js MongoDB Redis https://statspixel.com
2022 Start Hack Python Sentiment Analysis Pitching Flask Vue.js https://github.com/Maece97/START-Hack-2022
2022 MCS Event-driven and Process-oriented architectures Semester Project Kafka Event-driven architecture Camunda Java Spring Boot https://github.com/Maece97/EDPOA
2021 Tapas - MCS Advanced Software Engineering Semester Project Java Spring Boot Hexagonal Architecture PubSubHubbub MQTT https://git.maece.ch/maece/HSG-MCS-HS21_tapas
2021 MCS Julia Programming (Semester Project) Julia Financial Analysis https://git.maece.ch/maece/HSG-MCS-HS21_Julia
2021 Remotly (Bachelor Thesis) Node.js Microservices Kubernetes Docker https://remotly.ch
2020 - 2021 Swiss Music Awards (Semester Project) WordPress Load Testing https://swissmusicawards.ch
2019 - 2022 Innsbury Node.js Social Media API Social Media Algorithm Analysis Vue.js
2013 - 2016 Gun-Game.eu Minecraft Server Java Game Design